Employment Opportunities

The Clear Lake Marina is looking for courteous, professional, and reliable team members for this upcoming 2018 summer. Apply by email with resume and cover letter to kels@clearlakemarina.ca

Position: Martese Crew Member

The Martese crew member spends their time on the Martese, Manitoba's only passenger carrying vessel of its size. Whether discussing the magic of Riding Mountain National Park with a five year old passenger or serving a classy dinner to an anniversary group of fifty, courteous customer and co-worker communication is a must at all times. Safety is also a top priority- The Clear Lake Marina instructs a safety class in the spring (May) that all new employees must attend, and bi-weekly fire drills to review procedures and the use of on-board live saving equipment.

+ Skills Required

  • Excellent public relation skills - Ability to communicate courteously and effectively with coworkers and passengers;
  • Awareness- always assessing surroundings for risks presented by the unique work environment; managing inventory, preparing for the upcoming day's cruises.
  • Cleanliness and organization- Safety, workplace efficiency, and customer experience all benefit;
  • Time management- Martese cruises run on a schedule, and tasks need to be managed and completed within it.
  • Quick learning and understanding; not only knowing how to do a task, but also why, and what else it affects.
  • Leadership and teamwork- present ideas and solutions, make decisions, and respect those of your coworkers.
  • Serving experience an asset but not required; Point-Of-Sale programs, managing payments, taking and serving orders;
  • Boating experience an asset but not required; general seamanship, knowledge of the lake, ropes and knots;

+ Duties and Key Responsibilities

  • Know how to use the Martese's life-saving equipment and understand our safety protocols and procedures;
  • Ensure passengers are aware of and comply with safety precautions;
  • Provide passengers with beverages and snacks; prepare and present Dinner Cruise meals with speed and professionalism.
  • Keep the Martese clean. Organize and manage product inventory;
  • Communicate with Kiosk staff and chef about the upcoming cruises, specifically that night's Dinner Cruise;
  • Ensure cleaning, product restocking, and cruise preparation is completed within the cruise schedule.
  • Continue learning and improving! There is always opportunity for increased responsibility and compensation, on both a day-to-day and year-to-year basis.

Position: Martese Captain

A Captain or Master of the Martese must have at least one summer of training as co-captain to learn the vessel's safety equipment and operations, in preparation for Transport Canada testing and certification. As an ambassador for Riding Mountain National Park, The Martese captains must obtain a wide knowledge base of everything Riding Mountain and Clear Lake. Applicants should have intermediate knowledge and experience with engines, pumps, electrical systems, and various machinery.
Current Availability- Applicants should spend at least three days a week on the Martese co-captaining and working with service crew members.
Future Availability- Successful Captains should plan for, at minimum, three years of part or full-time captaining. As such, this position is perfect for those that are retired/ semi-retired and live within proximity to Riding Mountain, and university students that would benefit from several years of well paid, high responsibility seasonal employment.