Employment Opportunities

The Clear Lake Marina is looking for courteous, professional, and reliable team members to start working either part or full time this 2017 summer!
Apply with resume and cover letter in-person to The Clear Lake Marina Kiosk, or email to kels@clearlakemarina.ca

Position: Marina Kiosk Supervisor/ Attendant

The Marina Kiosk attendant is responsible for registering boat and cruise reservations, ensuring pre-rental agreements are completed, collecting the appropriate fees, and maintaining the Marina. 

+ Skills Required

  • Ability to work outdoors and in variable weather conditions;
  • Ability to work with others and independently;
  • Ability to perform general facility cleaning/maintenance;
  • General mechanical knowledge
  • Excellent public relation skills - Ability to communicate courteously and effectively with coworkers and the general public;
  • Ability to perform general administrative skills including excellent computer skills- Outlook, Microsoft Office; and
  • Ability to perform basic accounting skills

+ Duties and Key Responsibilities

  • Greet boaters and tourists;
  • Respond to inquiries by phone and e-mail;
  • Register Martese Cruise and boat rental reservations;
  • Register boat rentals, provide information about services and fees, collect fees and respond to additional requests;
  • Maintain and clean office;
  • Maintain data on visitors and inquiries;
  • Prepare daily cashout.

Position: Marina Dock Attendant

The Marina Dock Attendant is responsible for cleaning and providing equipment and operating/ safety instructions to watercraft rental clients.

+ Skills Required

  • Boating experience an asset but not mandatory;
  • Ability to work quickly, outdoors and in variable weather conditions;
  • Physically able to bend, move, and walk for extended periods of time, able to lift, push, carry 50 lbs.
  • Ability to work with others and independently;
  • Ability to keep workspace in a clean and organized manner;
  • General mechanical knowledge for minor repairs and maintenance;
  • Public relation skills - Ability to communicate instructions courteously and effectively with coworkers and clientele;

+ Duties and Key Responsibilities

  • Monitor docks and lake for safety hazards;
  • Distribute life jackets and ensure proper usage
  • Clean and prepare boats before and after rentals;
  • Fuel rental and dock client boats;
  • Maintain Marina cleanliness;
  • Instruct customers on proper operation and safety of watercraft;
  • Instruct customers on weather conditions and lake hazards;
  • Inspecting watercraft for damage before and after rentals;
  • Opening and closing- (un)locking and (un)tarping boats at the beginning and end of each day.

Martese Captains

A Captain or Master of the Martese must have at least one summer of training as co-captain to learn the vessel's safety equipment and operations, in preparation for Transport Canada testing and certification. As an ambassador for Riding Mountain National Park, The Martese captains must obtain a wide knowledge base of everything Riding Mountain and Clear Lake. Applicants should have intermediate knowledge and experience with diesel engines and various machinery.
Current Availability- Applicants should spend at least three days a week on the Martese co-captaining and working with service crew members.
Future Availability- Successful Captains should plan for, at minimum, three years of part or full-time captaining. As such, this position is perfect for those that are retired/ semi-retired and live within proximity to Riding Mountain, and university students that would benefit from several years of well paid, high responsibility seasonal employment.