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"Excellent unique experience"
"Do not delay!"
"Lovely evening...Would highly recommend!"
"And the food - wow! So nicely presented and so good."
"WOW! Our experiences on the Martese have been amazing. Every year we be sure to book a night on the Martese."

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+ Ticket Rates

  • Adult $65.00
  • Adult Prime Rib $70.00
  • Child $35.00
  • +applicable taxes

Reservations are required- please call 204-848-1770 or email to make one as soon as possible!

+ How do I make reservations?

  • View our cruise schedule below and select a date or two that you are interested in.
  • Have your credit card (visa or mastercard) and main entree selections ready when you call.
  • No charges are applied to this card unless you fail to arrive for the cruise without prior warning (48 hours).
  • Final payments are made at the end of the cruise, bills can be split as desired.
  • Visit our Contact Us page for phone and/or email.

+ What happens if its raining or windy?

  • Most weather does not stop the Martese!
  • Rain- the dining room is completely covered and enclosed with see-through vinyl windows (bring an umbrella for the walk down the pier!). Its actually a pretty neat experience to fine dine on the waters of Clear Lake surrounded by rain!
  • Wind- The Martese is a fairly oversized vessel for Clear Lake, and on windy days we find the calm water. Worst case scenario, the first 20 minutes of the cruise will be in the waves, and the remainder of the cruise will be smooth sailing!
  • Of course, if safety is a concern we'll cancel the cruise by noon on the day of.


To Start: 

  • Fresh Crusty Rolls with herb butters
  • Caesar Salad

Main Course Entree (selection required prior to cruise date)

  • Chicken Cordon Bleu- breaded & stuffed with swiss cheese + ham
  • Chicken Martese- breaded & stuffed with swiss cheese + spinach
  • Honey Dill Salmon- fillets covered with caper filled honey dill sauce (G.Free)
  • Vegetarian- Spice Roasted Portabella Mushroom (G.Free)
  • Vegetarian- Stuffed Bell Pepper (G.Free)
  • Prime Rib- AAA Beef with Au'jus & Yorkshire pudding (G.Free minus Yorkshire)
  • Prime Rib served only on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • Children- can substitute main entree with:
    • chicken finger
    • mac & cheese

Main Course Sides:

  • Every Meal- Honey glazed carrots and green, yellow beans
    • and one of the following:
  • Weekdays- Wild rice pilaf
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday- Roasted baby potatoes in creamy dill sauce


  • Cream Puffs with chocolate & berry sauces, sprinkled with icing sugar


Please inform us at time of reservation of any allergies guests may have!
Gluten Free Substitutes:
Tossed Salad for Caeser Salad (oil based dressing)
Assorted Berries for Cream Puffs

For reservations please contact us at 204-848-1770 or